Genius Hour 10-2-15

I have chosen to research the wonderful social media app YouNow! If you don’t know what YouNow is, it is a live stream networking site, where you can broadcast in front of your “fans” or people who watch you. You can sing, dance, do dares, ask your audience to ask you questions, or some people even do #SleepingSquad where they go to sleep and people watch them sleep. (Usually people who are “famous” on YouNow only do that.) I have prior knowledge of YouNow before starting this project, but so far I have researched the rules and gotten most of the people who trend, or get fair amounts of people watching them while they broadcast, written down. I have also have some statistics of how much the average person gets while broadcasting. I have am really looking forward to doing this project and hopefully getting to know a lot more about YouNow and possibly going live on YouNow more often!


Ecosystems At School

In our ecosystem, we had a orangish-redish algae. There was a bunch of orange leaves that look like maple leaves. In a car part that my partner and I found, there was a plant growing in there. We had a lot of water underneath the leaves and rocks.




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Best Gift Give

I gave kids in Africa that aren’t that privileged things that they could use like clothes, socks, soap, we also sent water, and a few toys for their enjoyment. It made me feel like I was doing something that needs to be done every so often. I really liked how it made me feel when we wrapped the box up and sent it to Africa. It made me feel really happy and good inside.Well if I would have met them other than seeing a picture of them, I’m sure it would help a lot better, but, I think it made them feel like they were getting to know that other people care about them, and that they could get the things that they needed. I think that means that when you get presents you are happy, but when there are people who don’t have anything you should feel bad. When you give someone who doesn’t have things like you, you should be more happier that you gave someone in need something that could make them happy.

5th Grade Reflections

Some thing’s I learned was…. algrbra, how to use context clues and how to make a book on an app on the iPad.

Some thing’s that I struggeled with was in tecnoligy when we had to do projects. Another thing that happened was when we had to learn music notes in music, and when we had to do hard hard science.

Some thing’s that surprised me was when Mr. Mac jumped on our desk, hit a ruler on our desk and asked up what caused sound, and when we watched parts of the movie HAllOWEEN

Some thing’s that disappointed me was when at Halloween we didn’t get to do things that previous 5th graders got to do, when i found out how many marks I got in the second 6 weeks, and when we had to do a graded assiment that I got a bad grade on.