Genius Hour 10-23-15

I found out that my project that I wanted to do over the social media site YouNow, could not work. I realized that a lot of social medias all have the same purpose… to put your world out into the open. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, YouNow, Periscope, Facebook, all have that concept just in different ways of putting it out there. I also couldn’t really do anything else with the information that I had collelected.

So I am starting fresh and I am doing my second best project idea that I am almost positive will be amazing! I am going to do something that shows what single parents go through to support their children. Growing up with a single mom, I know what my mom has to go through and how much she has to do to make a living for my sister and I. I want to raise awareness for single parents because they are the ones who get a shameful look when they go to church, or are out in public. I want to show how many people in a small community have single parents and see what those people are going through.


Genius Hour 10-2-15

I have chosen to research the wonderful social media app YouNow! If you don’t know what YouNow is, it is a live stream networking site, where you can broadcast in front of your “fans” or people who watch you. You can sing, dance, do dares, ask your audience to ask you questions, or some people even do #SleepingSquad where they go to sleep and people watch them sleep. (Usually people who are “famous” on YouNow only do that.) I have prior knowledge of YouNow before starting this project, but so far I have researched the rules and gotten most of the people who trend, or get fair amounts of people watching them while they broadcast, written down. I have also have some statistics of how much the average person gets while broadcasting. I have am really looking forward to doing this project and hopefully getting to know a lot more about YouNow and possibly going live on YouNow more often!