Best Gift Give

I gave kids in Africa that aren’t that privileged things that they could use like clothes, socks, soap, we also sent water, and a few toys for their enjoyment. It made me feel like I was doing something that needs to be done every so often. I really liked how it made me feel when we wrapped the box up and sent it to Africa. It made me feel really happy and good inside.Well if I would have met them other than seeing a picture of them, I’m sure it would help a lot better, but, I think it made them feel like they were getting to know that other people care about them, and that they could get the things that they needed. I think that means that when you get presents you are happy, but when there are people who don’t have anything you should feel bad. When you give someone who doesn’t have things like you, you should be more happier that you gave someone in need something that could make them happy.

My Dog Bingo!!

My dog how I love her.

You can see her with a smile on her face.

“My name is Bingo and I am a dog.”

“My owner says I talk like SpongeBob”.

Bingo is my super star.

She cheers like she’s on TV.

“I like to talk about metaphors and similes.”

“I cheer crazy when the A&M AGGIES play!

Valentine’s Day!

In the United States, Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom (UK) , France and Australia have Valentine’s Day!

None really know how Valentine’s Day started, some say that St. Valentine was a priest who had served in the Third Century.  When a Emperor had thought men who were single were made as better soilders than ones who were married and had children.

Some other people think that St. Valentine was put to death because he was helping the Christians escape Roman Prison.

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day Comment what you think happened!


Martin Luther King Jr.

   Martin Luther King Jr. had alot of things yelled at screamed at him that were not very nice. He had a march and the police had tried to stop him from finishing his walk. A lot of white people back the HATED the black people. I wouldn’t under stand why, but the whites thought that blacks should have to have different water foutins, schools, different spots in resraunts, and they had to be seated at the back of the bus an if a white person didn’t have a seat, the blacks would have to get up and they would have to stand up. I don’t think that you should judge someone by their culter. MLK had a dream.  HIS DREAM CAME TRUE!!!!

My New Years Resolutions!!

When the ball dropped I made a few commitmuts.

  • What I hope the New Year brings me is I hope to become a better Christan and a better baby-sitter
  • The best thing that happened to me in 2012 was when I  got to go to my first Cody Simpson Concert
  • A way to make the school year way better is to study harder and to become a better leader
  • One way to make 2013 better for myself is to do more stuff to keep me active.
  • Something I can do in my communite is to help the parents in my communite with baby-sitting their kid(s)

I hope you enjoyed my New Years Resolutions. Comment Below and share yours!!