Para Empezar Description Project

In class we worked on doing “can-do” statements, saying and learning adjectives, we also worked on descriptions and describing others, along with ourselves.

I learned how to say new words in Spanish, form new sentences, and I learned how to connect words with what they mean.

I created a project that demonstrates my ability to use this content in the target language based on my proficiency level.

Personal Description in Spanish


The purpose of this assignment is so that we can use our Spanish adjectives we´ve learned. It´s important to use our adjectives because they make images in our heads so we can better understand. It´s relevant to what we have been learning because we are learning how to describe yourself and others.

Yo soy delicada,una líder,inteligente,comica, y cariñosa.

Me gusta pasar tiempos con amigos,dormir,levantar pesas y bailar.