All About Me!!!

Hey Y’all,


I’m Colee,

I would think my personality is kind,  I get mad sometimes. Most of the time I am happy or I always like to help people. Some of my hobbies are:

I like to read non fiction. I like to read non fiction because I like to know what happened and what people’s opinions on things in the world.

I  love to play soccer or as a lot of countries  call it, football.  Soccer just gives me an adrenaline rush when I play it because you want to worry about not letting the other team score, but you want to get the ball and score but not hurt the other people.


I feel that whenever people hurt other people’s feelings or they say some thing that is not true about them or you, you need to stand up for them and what you believe in.

I hope we have some of the same intrest. Bye!!

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